Did it all fellas!!!

Cody F August 2, 2017

I did my Clubs. Very Easy

Louis L July 15, 2017

Pretty cool stuff, a couple kids bikes I did

Daniel M June 19, 2017

If I could like this a hundred times I would. I have to do my Harley ASAP. (MyDipKit at The Republic of Texas Biker Rally)

Daniel C June 8, 2017

My son and I redid his rifle this week, you're dip kit works great thank you guy for such a good kit!

Tim C March 9, 2017

Had enough materials left over to do my shotgun as well! I love this stuff!

Doug F March 8, 2017

We just spoke on the phone and thanks for help in pointing me in the right direction. Your product is amazing!

Tim M January 3, 2017

Just wanted to show off my dips with your kits.

Bob B December 26, 2016

Thanks for the kit, came out great for being my first time ever dipping!

Alban B June 27, 2016

Thanks Mydipkit, my Harley is a one of a kind. Turned out awesome!

Cindy E February 20, 2016

Here is some of my work using My Dip Kit I really love your products!

Phillip B February 8, 2016

My most recent dip, I enjoyed doing it! I'm a local gun shop owner and looking forward to doing a lot more of this! The name of my shop is Blackburn Custom Gunworks. BTW, it was an old beat up 870 stock that I was going to toss! Glad I didn't!

Sam B October 25, 2015