Depending upon the application, wood grain can communicate high-class sophistication or rustic elegance. No matter your style, a wood grain hydro dip kit combines the look of real wood with a finish that’s built to last. Find yours.

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  • Burl Wood Grain Hydro Dip Kits

    Burl Wood Grain Hydro Dip Kits (18)

  • Straight Wood Grain Hydro Dip Kits

    Straight Wood Grain Hydro Dip Kits (22)

  • Burlwood Dark Maple DK-BW-18-10

    Burlwood Dark Maple

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Endgrain DK-BW-82-10

    Burlwood Endgrain

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Yellow Tint DK-BW-32-10

    Burlwood Yellow Tint

    $69 Select options
  • Straight Wood Grain DK-SW-450

    Straight Wood Grain – DK-SW-450

    $69 Select options
  • Texas Gold Burl DK-BW-650

    Texas Gold Burl

    $69 Select options
  • Aged Walnut DK-SW-33-30

    Aged Walnut

    $69 Select options
  • Black Straight Grain DK-SW-27-50

    Black Straight Grain

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Black and White DK-BW-820

    Burlwood Black and White

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Blond DK-BW-49-20

    Burlwood Blond

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Dark Brown DK-BW-12-80

    Burlwood Dark Brown

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Grayscale DK-BW-12-10

    Burlwood Grayscale

    $69 Select options
  • Burlwood Holland Gold DK-BW-420

    Burlwood Holland Gold

    $69 Select options